How to Get the Army to Pay for College

by Contributor

The Army offers to pay for your education as an incentive to join. You can go to college on a ROTC scholarship and become an officer or take courses while enlisted. If you don't finish your degree while on active duty you can use money from the Army College Fund and the Montgomery GI Bill.

Determine if you want to enlist or become an officer. If you want to become an officer you should apply to colleges that have Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs. Contact the military science departments at the colleges you want to attend and fill out the ROTC scholarship application online.

Enlist in the Army by contacting a recruitter. If you choose this path you can take courses while in the Army. The Army will pay for qualified courses. Get them approved before you register.

Save money through the Montgomery GI Bill by attending college when your enlistment ends. You make a monthly contribution and receive a monthly education benefit after you get out of the Army.

Get extra money for college by choosing a needed specialty. This extra incentive is called the Army College Fund and it adds to the benefit from the Montgomery GI Bill. So you'll be getting both types of financial help when you attend.

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