Free Money Making Ideas for Kids

Free Money Making Ideas for Kids

Parents can teach their children how to earn money at a young age. In fact, if children learn how to earn and manage their money while they are young, there is a good chance they will carry that practice throughout adulthood.

Ages 6-9

Younger children can use their talents and hobbies to make money. For example, children who love to paint can frame their paintings and sell them to their family and friends. Children who love to write stories can create simple pamphlets or newspapers on the computer and sell them for a nominal fee. Some young children are good at making jewelry or bookmarks. They can sell these at craft fairs. If your child is particularly talented at making jewelry, you can help him or her sell the jewelry on

Ages 10-13

Children who are a little older can take on more responsibility. By age 10 children can mow lawns or pick weeds. Many neighbors would be willing to hire children because it is cheaper than paying a landscaper. Children this age can shovel snow or rake leaves depending on the season. Tweens can also put ads out for parents who are looking for a helper. In this scenario, the parent remains in the home while the tween does chores for the parent or keeps little children occupied.

Children ages 10-13 can get jobs delivering papers in their neighborhood. They can also contact businesses and ask if they need someone to distribute flyers. It is also possible for these tweens to start a dog walking business. By contacting neighbors and putting up flyers in local grocery stores, these kids can build a customer base.

Ages 14 and Up

It is pretty easy for children ages 14 and up to make money. Children of this age can get working papers which allow them to work in any place of business. Children age 14 and up can also take babysitting courses to become a certified babysitter. This has the potential to earn the teenager a decent hourly wage. Teenagers can also run a housecleaning business. Many elderly individuals can't keep up with their housecleaning, but they don't want to pay a professional. Teens can start off charging a small amount and increase this amount as they gain more experience and more clients. Teens can also hold car washes, do face painting, sell birdhouses or fix bicycles.