FOREX Trading Games

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Foreign exchange trading, also known as FOREX, allows investors to buy and sell currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, the British pound or the Japanese yen. Investors make their profits on the fluctuations in the exchange rates between currencies. Since the FOREX market can be confusing and intimidating for new investors, some companies have developed FOREX trading games. These games simulate the conditions in the FOREX market and help new investors understand the rules, strategies and tactics that can lead to successful FOREX investing.

FOREX Trading Simulators

FOREX trading simulators allow users to immerse themselves into a virtual trading environment that simulates how the real markets function. Some currency brokers, such as Forex Capital Markets and OANDA, offer "demo accounts" for new account holders. These demo accounts give account holders "play money" to test their skills as aspiring FOREX traders. Other sites, including the Forex Championship and IronFX, provide a competitive setting where aspiring traders can win daily, monthly or annual prizes based on their trading skills.