How to Get Free Food Today

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The recession has hit some of us harder than others. Fortunately, however, we still live in a relatively prosperous country. There are numerous ways to score free food, even right now! Read further for ideas on how to get free food.

If you live in a city, see if Food Not Bombs or a similar agency is serving free food. They set up in parks and other public places, and anyone who is hungry is welcome!

Churches also often provide free food, often in the form of a food bank, or soup kitchen. Food banks are typically open during set hours. Find out the hours of your local food bank or soup kitchen. Food banks are also run by other community organizations as well, so there is probably more than one in your town.

Try "freeganism." Many people believe that the food we throw out every day should not go to waste. Entire meals have been cooked out of food found in a supermarket dumpster that was thrown out simply because it was set to expire that day or had a bruise or two. Exercise common sense if you take this route!

Go to your local Health and Human Services office and apply for emergency food assistance. If you qualify, you will receive a card that you can use right away.

Host an impromptu potluck for your friends. You provide the entertainment.

On a similar note as #5, get yourself invited to dinner. This is actually not all that difficult. Call up people you haven't seen in a while and say hello. Of course, only do this if you are genuinely interested in seeing the other people!

Attend one of those events that offer "free hot dogs and cokes" in exchange for attending their grand opening, anniversary event, etc.


  • Not all of these suggestions to get free food will appeal to everyone. Hopefully, you'll find a few of them to be helpful, however.


  • If your family is in need of food, find out more about the resources in your community by calling 211 on your phone.

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