Where to Find Financial Help for People in Need

People in need have several places to turn to for help. Because it can be mentally and emotionally draining to be in a situation where you need financial help, reach out to a friend, family member or someone you trust for support. Whether you need help because of a lost job, difficult family situation, medical problems or other crisis, help is available.

Private Charitable Organizations

Look in your area for churches, food shelves and private charitable organizations. You might start by searching in the phone book or calling the social services agency in your county for suggestions. Several websites allow you to list your needs and then other giving individuals can fulfill them. One such website is ineedfinancialhelp.net.

Social Services

The social services agency at your county seat will be able to help you if you qualify. You'll have to submit an application and attend an interview first to determine what you are eligible for. Some programs available to low-income people are emergency assistance, cash and food assistance, medical assistance and employment assistance. If it is an emergency, let the agency know right away so that your application can be expedited and processed faster. The agency will also be able to inform you of other helpful programs in the area.

Friends, Family and Neighbors

Asking friends, family or neighbors for help can be difficult for some people. If your financial situation is an emergency, you may want to consider talking to them about it if you haven’t already. People like to help others, and they may need your help one day as well. You may want to see if you can do some work for them such as housecleaning, lawn-mowing or babysitting to earn some money quickly and temporarily ease the financial pressure. You may even get steady work out of this.

Salvation Army

This charitable organization was one of the first of its kind and originated in the 1800s. It has helped thousands of people throughout the years. The Salvation Army helps with clothing, shelter, transportation and emergencies. Caring individuals are available for your emotional support.

United Way

The United Way is a charitable organization that helps families and individuals in need become financially stable. It will determine what kinds of financial assistance programs are available in your community and assist you in getting the help you need quickly. The United Way partners with local organizations. Other ways it can help are with education and career training, teaching financial management skills and finding a home.