How to Get Financial Assistance for Diabetes Supplies

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The cost to buy diabetes supplies can be very expensive. Supplies may include sugar level monitors, test strips, insulin pumps and lancets. If you find you are not able to pay for the basics, seek help immediately. Start with your doctor or other health-care professional and take advantage of government programs.

Discuss your financial situation with your doctor or health care provider. Your doctor can be a reference for local government and not-for-profit agencies offering assistance. Also, ask your doctor for free Diabetes supply samples.

Use your hospital's social service office. Most hospitals have social workers on staff that can assist patients in finding financial aid for diabetes supplies. The social worker can help you find local and state financial resources. Also, go to the diabetes care page on the website of the National Institutes of Health (see Resources).

Apply for federal and state government health-care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Go to the programs' websites and find out if you are eligible. These programs may cover your Diabetes condition and the related supplies expenses.

Visit the Internet site Diabetes Life (see Resources). This site offers diabetes-related information and resources to help you find assistance. Search for the "Diabetes Financial Help" page to find financial-program links.

Find manufacturer's coupons. Many of the popular manufacturers offer discount coupons for glucose monitors and test strips. Abbott Diabetes Care, Roche and Bayer are three sources.


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