How to Fill Out a Recharacterization Form

A recharacterization form instructs your individual retirement account (IRA) plan provider to change a contribution you made from one type of IRA to another. You can also revoke a previous IRA conversion. If you file your income taxes on time, the IRS automatically grants you a recharacterization filing extension. You have until October 15 to file your recharacterization form for conversions or contributions for that tax year. However, if you do so after you file your taxes, you typically need to file an amended tax return.

Read the instructions on the recharacterization form carefully. Each IRA provider has their own forms and slightly different instructions for filling them out. For example, one provider might require you to check a box to indicate the type of recharacterization, while another requires you to fill out a specific section for your type of recharacterization.

Provide your personal information in the appropriate spaces. Write your contact information, Social Security number and date of birth.

Indicate the type of account you want to recharacterize and the account number. Indicate whether you are recharacterizing an IRA contribution or a conversion.

Write the amount of the contribution you wish to recharacterize. The form will typically provide a space to indicate that you want to recharacterize the entire contribution. Otherwise, write a partial amount in the space provided.

Review all the information to make sure it is correct. Sign and date the form in the appropriate spaces. Mail the recharacterization form to your IRA provider.