How to File a Tax Lien in the State of Ohio

by Michael Butler ; Updated July 27, 2017

If you do not pay your taxes in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Taxation may refer you to the state Attorney General's office to file a tax lien against your property. The Department of Taxation does not report tax liens to credit bureaus, but the liens are a matter of public record and can show up on credit reports, which will make it difficult for you to borrow money. To clear up your credit rating, you should obtain a release from the tax lien.

Step 1

Call the Ohio Department of Taxation at (614) 752-7541 to arrange payments on the taxes. You can also call the appropriate department of the Attorney General's office. For sales tax call (614) 466-7094. For withholding tax call (614) 752-7541. For personal income tax call (614) 466-0845. For worker's compensation tax call (614) 466-8360. For corporate franchise tax call (614) 752-7541. For other taxes call (614) 466-3521.

Step 2

Make the tax payments as arranged. Once you have paid in full, the State of Ohio will send you a Release and Satisfaction of Judgment form.

Step 3

File the original form sent to you by the state with the Clerk of the District Court in which the lien was filed. You will have to pay a filing fee, which was $73 as of January 20, 2011. You will also have to pay any court costs, which vary from case to case.

Step 4

Ask the clerk to give you three certified copies of the Release and Satisfaction of Judgment form that you filed. There might be a charge.

Step 5

Send a certified copy of the Release and Satisfaction of Judgment form to each of the three major credit bureaus.

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