How to File Your State Taxes Online for Free in Pennsylvania

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If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, you have a number of options when it comes time to file your income taxes with the Commonwealth. Taxpayers can file their simple returns over the phone simply by calling 888-4-PA-FILE. Residents also have the option of mailing in a paper return, but many prefer the convenience of filing their taxes electronically.

Gather all of your income information before you begin. It is important to have all your documentation ready before signing onto the Pennsylvania e-file system.

Open your Internet browser and go to Click on the "who can file" link to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.


Choose your authentication method and click "Continue." Pennsylvania provides a number of ways for users to verify their identities, including driver's license information and the amount of last year's tax return.


Enter your income and withholding information as requested and click "File" to file your return electronically. Wait until you receive confirmation that your return has been filed.



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