How to File a Free State Tax

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Many taxpayers e-file their tax returns online. Many people can file their federal tax returns free if they meet the requirements set forth by the tax preparation website running the free file program. However, the state return may require a small fee. Some states have their own website and free file program so that residents can file federal taxes with an online free file program and file state taxes from the state department's website.

Check the Department of Revenue tax website for your state, similar to the Wisconsin and Indiana examples in the references. On this site, you can learn if the state has an alliance with an online tax preparation website so that you can file the federal and state tax free or if the state has its own tax preparation website.

File your federal tax return on one of the free file websites listed with the IRS, which is in the Reference section. If your state has an alliance with one of the websites, use that tax preparation so that your state tax return is free as well. You can do both at the same time.

File your federal tax return at one of the free file sites listed with the IRS in the Reference section.

File your state tax return at the Department of Revenue for the state where you reside. You will need your completed federal tax return for the adjusted gross income, earned income credit and itemized deductions if your state uses the federal information to determine the state calculations.