How to File Local Income Taxes

In some cities and towns in the United States, there are local income taxes that residents must file each tax year. The proceeds of local income taxes typically are used to fund the local government and community. Local income taxes are required to be paid by any residents that live in that particular municipality. Local income tax rates vary by location. Some states have the rates listed by jurisdiction on their Department of Taxation website.

Download your local income tax form from the website for your local city or town government. Find this by looking for the tax department section of the website. If you cannot find the form online, visit your local government office, or city hall, and get the form from the physical tax department office.

Complete your local income tax form with your income information for the tax year. Local income taxes are due on the same tax day as your federal income taxes, which is April 15 each year. If you have paid local income taxes via your paycheck to another city or town, be sure to fill out the section on the form that asks if you paid to another local area. Follow the instructions in that area to calculate the credit you will get against your local taxes due.

Submit your local income tax form to the address that is listed on the form. If your city or town allows you to complete your local income tax form online, you can submit the form online. Be sure to include payment if you have taxes due, as well as copies of your W-2 or other relevant income forms.