How to Estimate Home Remodeling

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Whether you do it yourself, or hire the work out, remodeling within the home is not a simple undertaking. Numerous variables play into estimating the cost of the remodel, including supplies and labor if hiring a contractor. For large home remodeling jobs requiring a contractor, you should acquire multiple and detailed bids. On do-it-yourself projects, you need to determine not only the price of supplies, but also whether you need to purchase tools to begin and finish the project.

Write a list of all the supplies required for the job. If remodeling a bathroom, include the bathtub, toilet, sink and flooring. You may need new drywall and bathroom fixtures which also factor into the cost. Take your list to a home-improvement store and price all the supplies required.

Have two to three contractors bid on remodeling jobs you cannot do yourself. Have the contractors detail the bids so you can see the list of supplies and their cost along with the labor cost. Tell the contractors if you want high-end or low-end materials, as that affects the cost greatly.

Figure the cost of doing the job yourself. Do-it-yourself jobs can save you money in labor costs, but not if you are unable to accomplish the job. You may also require certain carpentry tools such as circular or table saws. Purchasing these items should be included in estimating the cost of a do-it-yourself home remodel.

Factor in any unseen costs the remodeling may lead to. For instance, tearing down a wall may unearth hidden mold behind walls or leaking pipes that need to be corrected immediately. Always add at least an additional 25 percent to the total, as the estimated cost for any additional repairs.