How to Enter Insurance in Quicken

Quicken, created by the maker of TurboTax, is the little sister to QuickBooks. The application is meant to help manage your personal estate. One area Quicken users are particularly interested in is assets, and the insurance that might go along with a particular asset. Like QuickBooks, Quicken allows users to enter information about each asset, including the current value, the current life expectancy of the asset, the cost of the asset and the insured value of the asset.

Open an instance of Quicken.

Click on the title "Net Worth" on the menu bar and select "Property & Debt Accounts." Select the asset or loan you want to add insurance for. For instance, if you want to enter mortgage loan information, select the appropriate loan.


Click on "Account Actions" for the drop-down menu. Select "Details."


Click on "Edit Payments." In the Split Transaction dialog box, enter the insurance you want to track. For instance, if you want to track fire insurance, select the expense category "Fire."