How to Easily Reduce Your Comcast Cable Bill

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Reviewing the family budget every few months can help ensure you stay on track with your financial goals. A simple review of utilities, such as a cable bill, might help you save money, regardless of the size of your family's budget. With a few simple steps, subscribers can easily reduce their Comcast cable bill. Additionally, these strategies could be applied to most other utilities.

Review your most recent cable bill. Note which services you are paying for and think about which ones your family uses the most. Will changing the cable package that you subscribe to save you money without interrupting your cable usage?

Make a few phone calls to other cable service providers (if available in your area) to find out their rates. Note if their rates for similar packages are cheaper than your Comcast rate.

Call 1-800-XFINITY to speak with a Comcast customer service representative.

Ask the customer service representative to lower your rate to match a competitor’s rate because you are considering changing services to another provider. State the rates offered with the package options as well. Note your length of time as a customer and history of on-time payments, if applicable.

Note your current package level with the customer service representative and ask for the pricing of lower-level tiers of service. Check whether any reduction in services nets a lower bill without a large sacrifice in service.


  • Comcast cable, as well as other cable providers, often charges less to customer who use multiple services. In Comcast’s case, there is a discount if the subscriber bundles both cable and Internet, and another discount if a home phone line is added. Check for whether bundling multiple services together lowers your monthly cable bill.