How to Downgrade a PayPal Account

If you selected the incorrect account type upon creating your PayPal account, you can elect to downgrade your account. You can also downgrade your account if your current account is not applicable anymore, such as if you had a business account but you no longer have the business. You cannot downgrade your account yourself; you must contact PayPal to do so.

Visit Enter your login information and click "Log in."

Scroll to the bottom of any page once you log into your account. Click the "Contact Us" link.


Click "Call Us." A web PIN will appear, along with the customer service number. Call the number and repeat the PIN to the automated operator. Tell the operator you'd like to downgrade your account. You will then be connected to someone who can downgrade your account.



  • You can also email PayPal by selecting "Email Us" instead of "Call Us." Include your current account type, the account type you wish to downgrade to and the reason for the downgrade. Email responses typically take 48 to 72 hours. Calling PayPal usually results in an instant downgrade.