How to Get Donations to Help Pay Student Loans

by Lynn Burbeck

The increasing cost of higher education has many students looking for creative solutions to managing the burden of their student loan debt. If you are struggling for ways to pay down the balance of your student loans, you may have considered asking for donations. Some individuals have successfully obtained donations via the Internet to pay off more than $1,000 in student loan debt.

Search the Internet for websites that individuals have set up to collect donations to help pay their student loan debt. This will give you ideas on how you can structure your own website to get donations to help pay off your student loans.

Create a blog to explain your story and to encourage others to donate money to help lower your student loan debt. By making your website interesting and encouraging readers to come back for updates on your success, you'll develop a readership and make it more likely that others will find your site and offer donations, too.

Update your blog on a weekly basis and get involved with your readers by responding to comments and engaging them in conversation. Your goal should be to develop a relationship with your readers so that they will be feel connected to you. This can be done by bringing them into your home, sharing family photos and writing blog posts about your career, personal life and hobbies.

Setup a PayPal account to accept donations securely through your website. This makes it easy for individuals to make donations without worrying about giving out private financial information such as bank account or credit card numbers.

Offer incentives for people who donate by giving away fun gifts or offering to promote someone's business elsewhere on the Internet.

Use the power of social networking to develop a larger readership for your blog by posting your latest blog entries to Twitter and Facebook and encouraging your readers to do the same.

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