How to Find & Get Help From Donations & Charities

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Financial hardship can happen anytime, and when it does, it can be comforting to realize there are charities and community organizations that can help you. This can come in the form of help of direct cash or donations toward paying a bill for you. Finding help through organizations is all about networking.

United Way

The United Way is an organization that acts as a “hub” for other charities and local community groups across the nation. Dial 2-1-1 from a land line or cell phone, or visit the United Way website to start finding community groups that offer assistance with food, clothing, shelter, utilities and cash in your local area. Apply to each agency you find through the United Way that you think can help you.

Places of Worship

Local places of worship often have or know where you can find assistance during economic hardship. Just ask the receptionist or church leadership about its hardship programs and how to apply.


Government Offices

Your local unemployment office and department of health and social services offices will always have fliers hanging on the bulletin boards from different agencies and private companies offering various forms of assistance.




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