How to Donate a Mobile Home to Charity

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A mobile home can be a very useful donation to your favorite charity if you have it inspected and repaired to the limits of your budget. The charity can use the mobile home as an annex to an existing facility, use it to provide transitional housing services from it or use it as a group home. The charity might also auction or raffle the mobile home to raise funds for more urgently needed items.

Get an appraisal. To claim the donation on your taxes, you must have a professional appraisal of your mobile home's approximate retail value. Also, you must have all mortgages, taxes and liens paid off before you can donate your mobile home.

Have an inspection performed along with the appraisal, noting any defects in the home and what remedy should be made before the donation takes place.

Perform any recommended repairs to the extent that your time and budget permit. Keep all receipts from the repairs. Give copies to the agency receiving the donation of your mobile home.

Transfer title and arrange to have the mobile home moved to the site designated by the receiving agency. Assist with setup at the new site if you can.

Perform a walk-through with a representative of the receiving agency. Get a receipt for your donation.

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