How to Donate Free Furniture

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Whether you have old furniture you don't need or received free furniture you don't want, you can donate unwanted furniture to someone in need. Throwing perfectly good furniture out with the trash is wasteful when there are so many families who have so little. Donating your furniture might take some of your time, but it will be well worth it to know you helped someone in need.

Call your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store to find out when their drop-off times are. Both facilities accept furniture donations. You can reach the Salvation Army by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY. You can reach Goodwill by calling 1-800-664-6577.

Use the National Furniture Bank to find a furniture donation facility in your area. Local affiliates take furniture and find a family in need of it. They don't sell furniture at a discount like Goodwill and the Salvation Army do.

Fill out Housing Works' free furniture pick-up form. Housing Works sells your unwanted furniture at a discount and uses the money to help pay for medical care for those in need. The best part is that someone will pick up your furniture so you don't have to take it anywhere.

Check with local churches to see if there are any families to whom you can donate your furniture. People in need are often known to their church congregation.

Contact local rescue missions, homeless shelters or women's shelters. They may need furniture in their own facilities or may know families moving out of a shelter into an apartment of their own.


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