Does a Standard Background Check Show Your Credit Score?

A common misconception is that all standard background checks also contain credit reports. However, employment background checks typically only contain credit reports for job positions that are financially sensitive. Employment background credit reports never contain credit scores. On the other hand, tenant background reports always contain credit reports that include credit scores.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Even though the Fair Credit Reporting Act contains the word "credit," its rules go far beyond credit reports. The FCRA addresses the rights and obligations of third-party background check companies, private investigators who regularly conduct background screenings, credit card companies and other entities that report payment histories to the major national credit collecting agencies and consumers. Under the FCRA, consumers can obtain their background credit reports and request corrections to any inaccuracies contained within them.

Employment Background Checks

In general, employers are more interested in verifying information on an applicant's job application, such as past employment and criminal history, than conducting a more comprehensive investigation into the person's background. Employers primarily request credit checks for managerial and execution positions, as well as for jobs in which employees have access to cash, assets, corporate credit cards or other sensitive business financial information. For example, an employer would not likely conduct credit checks for entry-level, low-responsibility jobs.

Credit Checks for Employment Purposes

An employer cannot obtain a credit report without first obtaining the candidate's written permission. Employers generally request one of the major credit bureaus' special employment reports, such as TransUnion's "Employment Credit Report," Experian's "Employment Insight Report" or Equifax's "PERSONA PLUS" Within these reports, employers look for such information as late payments, collections, defaults and closed accounts. Employers cannot use any report data to deny a job until the applicant reviews its information.

Credit Scores

A credit score measures a consumer's credit risk. The credit score calculation includes a person's payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, new credit inquiries and types of credit. Credit scores are not included in credit checks for employment purposes because employment inquiries are not credit inquiries. Also, employers' credit inquires are not noted in applicants' credit reports, so these inquires do not have adverse effects. Tenant background reports, however, include credit scores.

Tenant Background Checks

Landlords want to rent to people who are stable, reliable and financially secure. One key part of a tenant background report is a credit check, which provides an overview of the person's financial character and capability to fulfill fiscal responsibilities. A credit check for a tenant includes previous evictions, a credit history and a credit score. Prior to commencing a background check and credit history, a landlord must obtain the person's written authorization.