Disabled Veterans Benefits For Children

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Children of disabled veterans are awarded specific benefits based on the presumption that they have sacrificed their childhoods because of their parent's disability. This mindset follows in the manner that soldiers sacrifice all or part of themselves for the country. Two basic factors in awarding these benefits are if the program specifically allows for payment to children and if the relationship between the veteran and the child can be proven.

Pensions and Compensation

Children of disabled veterans are eligible to receive pensions. Pensions are awarded to veterans based on financial need, and the veteran must have a disability. The disability does not need to be service connected. If the veteran precedes his or her family in death, then the pension may be extended to the surviving spouse or minor child. For children, the pension ends when they turn eighteen.


With very few exceptions, children of disabled veterans are awarded education benefits. These benefits may cover all or part of tuition for a vocational school or college. The amounts vary by state, but in all cases the student must attend a state school in the state of residence. This means that if a student applies for benefits in California, she must attend a public college, university or vocational school in that state.

Health Care

Spouses and children of disabled veterans with service-connected disorders are eligible for CHAMPVA health care. This is the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and it provides health insurance to families of disabled veterans.



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