How to Find a Detroit Homestead Property Tax Value

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Michigan law provides an annual income tax credit for real estate taxes paid on your homestead property. A homestead is your primary home, and the place to which you return when you go out of town. You can have one homestead property at a time, and you must live in and own or rent the property. Homestead properties also qualify for the Michigan Principal Residence Exemption (PRE). The PRE exempts a homeowner from local school operating taxes, up to 18 mills. You must file for the PRE exemption separately from your homestead property tax credit.

Obtaining a Homestead Property Tax Value Online

Visit the City of Detroit website and navigate to the Department of Finance. Choose the "Property Tax" option from the Finance navigation menu.

Read the disclaimer regarding use of the property tax information website, and click "Accept" to proceed to the site.

Click "Search Municipalities" and type "City of Detroit" in the search box that appears. Press "Enter" to process the search.

Click on "Current Tax Search" to bring up the search screen. Type in the appropriate box to search by owner name, property address, or parcel number, and hit "Enter" to complete the search.

Click on the parcel number that corresponds to the property you wish to view. The City of Detroit charges a small fee to access property information unless you are the property owner. Enter your credit card information and click "Submit."

On the Detailed Tax Information screen, click on the "+" sign next to the most recent line in the "Year/Season" section to expand the information. Under the "General Information" area you will see the Taxable Value, State Equalized Value and Assessed Value. You will also see the PRE percentage. If this value is 100 percent, then the property is considered a homestead and is eligible for the homestead property tax credit.

Obtaining a Homestead Property Tax Value By Telephone

Contact the City of Detroit Finance Department at (313) 224-3560. Tell the person who answers that you need a property value.

Provide the property address or parcel number to the person on the phone. They will give you the taxable value of the property.

Ask if the property has a Personal Residence Exemption. If it does, it qualifies as a homestead.


  • If you live in the Detroit area, you can visit the City offices downtown to obtain the homestead property tax value.


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