How to Improve Credit Score, Repair Credit Score or Fix Credit Score

How to Improve or Repair your less then good credit score.

If you have lot's of credit cards that you use on a regular basis and your credit score is really low maybe it is because you are making late payment. Always make your minimum payments on time.

If you have no credit cards and your credit score is low do not apply for big credit cards like Visa or Master Charge. Start out small with gasoline credit cards or department credit cards. Charge a few things and run a small balance by paying off the minimum plus a few. But you must use the cards or nothing is reported to the credit agencies.

Never run up your balance to over 50% of you allowed credit limit. This does not look good to the credit agencies and will actually reduce your credit score. Do not apply for too many different items of credit in a short amount of time. This will send Red Flags to the credit agencies.


  • Always return your library books.


  • Always pay your cell phone bill on time as this will affect your credit.