How to Get a Credit Card if You're Self-Employed

How to Get a Credit Card if You're Self-Employed
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There's a misconception that if you work for yourself, credit card companies will shun you. While it's true that self-employment may make it harder for you to get a conventional loan, such as a mortgage or a car loan, it doesn't negatively affect your ability to get a credit card.

Shop for the best and compare card offers. If you belong to a credit union, see if it offers a credit card. If your bank offers a card, find out about the terms and conditions. Do an Internet search for credit card reviews (see Resource). Take repeated complaints as red alerts and steer away.

Find a company that offers a credit card with a reasonable interest rate and either no annual fee or a low one. To be on the safe side, call the company's toll-free number to confirm that all the information you obtained is accurate. Credit card policies change from time to time, and the information you got may be outdated.

Apply for your credit card online. You don't need any special software. Electronic signatures only require your typed name, sometimes accompanied by a code the website provides.

Qualify for a small-business credit card. These cards often offer perks, such as rewards for purchases, low interest rates and reward points that never expire. Many small-business owners use these cards as a financing option to grow their businesses. If you choose that route, keep a close eye on your spending, and pay the credit card before you pay yourself to avoid carrying a high balance.


  • Keep in mind that by applying for a credit card, you're giving the company permission to review your credit history and credit score.