Creative Writing MFA Scholarships

by Jacquelyn Jeanty ; Updated July 27, 2017

Fiction, nonfiction, poems and essays are all forms of expression within the creative writing field. And while some may view the creative side of writing as a whimsical pursuit, those who seek to make a career out it can study its form and practice through creative writing Master of Fine Arts programs. MFA scholarship opportunities can provide unique work settings and the space and time to develop as an expert within the field.

Creative Writing MFA Degrees

A creative writing MFA degree is a graduate-level degree in fine arts. And while creative writing forms are the focus of the degree, the learning process gives students a firm grasp of the English language and the ability to communicate effectively. In effect, a creative writing MFA provides the skills needed for public relations or marketing careers as well as for writing pursuits in general, according to Creative Writing MFA, a career resource site. Different degree programs may use different approaches to learning, so students should determine what they want to get out of the program when choosing one. The course of study for a creative writing MFA degree also varies depending on the type of program, and can range anywhere from two to three years.

Richard Hugo Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1984, the Richard Hugo Memorial Scholarship offers scholarship to graduate students at the University of Montana. Qualified candidates must be accepted into the university’s MFA poetry program, with particular preference given to students who reside in Montana. To apply, students must submit up to six poems to the Richard Hugo advisory committee for review. According to the university website, scholarship amounts range around $3,000, with a minimum of $1,000 per year within the MFA program.

Greta Wrolstand Travel Award

In 2005, the University of Montana established the Greta Wrolstand Travel Award as another scholarship opportunity for graduate students majoring in the creative writing field. The fund was set up in honor of Greta Wrolstand, a former MFA student who passed away in 2005, according to the university's resource site. Eligible candidates are first- or second-year students within the university's MFA program. Scholarship monies enable students to travel to writers’ conferences and workshops, both in the U.S. and abroad. Scholarship amounts total $1,000 per award granted.

Whidbey Writers Workshop Scholarship

The Whidbey Writers' Workshop (WWW) Scholarship is offered through the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, based in the state of Washington. The WWW is an organization of professional writers and holds a nationally accredited Distance Education and Training Council certification, according to the Whidbey Island Writers' Association. Through the Elizabeth George Foundation fund, students receive a scholarship award which covers full tuition costs up to $12,000 for a creative writing MFA program. Program classes are conducted at the Whidbey Island Institute and through online semester segments. Through the Foundation fund, the WWW is establishing scholarship awards that also cover half- and quarter-tuition costs.

Stonecoast MFA Scholarships

The Stonecoast MFA Scholarship award is sponsored through the University of Southern Maine to students who reside in the state of Maine. Stonecoast MFA scholarships cover the costs for summer semester coursework at the university. Eligible applicants must have an educational background that supports the university’s program requirements for an MFA degree. The application process requires students to submit official transcripts, an essay assignment that describes their experience and background, a creative writing sample, three letters of recommendation and a statement that describes students' literary specialty within the creative writing field.

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