How to Create Personal Checks

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Buying checks from the bank can be expensive and slow. Buying checks from third parties can present a security problem and still takes time and money. Creating and printing your own checks can be more secure, less expensive and very quick once you are all set up.

Find a software program. You'll need a program that can take your bank account information and print it properly. You can buy software for this or find online software that will do it for a price. Microsoft Money is one program that has check-writing built into it.

Test your printer. The printing needs to be high quality. use a laser printer for best results. Check your printer compatibility with the software. Check reading machines require special fonts such as MICR or e-138 for banks to accept them.

Get magnetic ink. You can create and print personal checks without magnetic ink but some electronic check readers won't read this ink and you may be charged a processing fee to those you send checks to.

Get check stock paper. You'll want paper with security features, so that the information cannot be changed. You can buy specialty stock paper just for checks.

Put in your information and print. You'll need the routing number, check account number, the next check sequence number and bank information including the bank name and location. The routing number is usually on the bottom left of the checks and the account number is to the right of that. Put all of the information in the program and print the checks using the special ink and paper.