How to Create a "House for Sale by Owner" Flier

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Selling your home without employing a real estate agent can save you thousands of dollars, but committing to a “for sale by owner” project means your time, energy and resources will take the place of the agent’s work. Marketing is a valuable function of selling a house, and creating a flier that reveals your home in a positive light is challenging. You’ll become a photographer, a writer and an art director when making your flier, but the result may be the marketing piece that sells your home.

Prepare your home for a photo shoot. Clean it inside and out, rearrange the furniture to ease any crowding in the rooms, refresh the bathrooms and organize the kitchen. Clear the clutter and put the toilet seats down. Place fresh flowers on a pre-set dining table and at the outside of the front door. Use a digital camera and photograph each room from its most flattering position. Take a photo of the rear yard and conclude with an exterior shot. Upload the photos to your computer. Use online sources that offer templates or bring the photos to an artist who’ll create your layout.

Write down the most important features of your home. Use bullet points instead of complete sentences. Include square footage, upgrades, special features and any advantages that the house provides. Mention any seller concessions you’re offering, like help with closing costs or a home warranty. Keep the details to a minimum as the photos tell your home’s story.

Create a headline that grabs attention. Keep it short and include the phrase “For Sale By Owner.” Mention the location with a complete address under the headline. Layout the photos in the center of the flier and place the bullet points adjacent on both sides of the page. Print your phone number at the bottom, a web address, YouTube link or a link to a visual tour for further information, and request calls for showings. Put the price at the bottom of the page.

Draw a floor plan of your house and print it on the reverse side of the flier. Use any extra space to alert a potential buyer to the positive amenities found in your community, the names of the schools and other attractions that make your community special, like a homeowners association clubhouse, pool and activity area.

Have a third party proofread the flier for grammatical, spelling and informational mistakes. Don’t proofread on the computer, but from a hard copy. Print the fliers on quality, semi-gloss paper, and in color. Use a commercial printer for cost effectiveness. Print in small batches in case you have a price reduction and need to make changes to the copy. Hang a tube below your yard sign and keep it stocked with fliers.