How to Create a Bi Weekly Budget Planner

A biweekly budget planner template can be a useful way to track finances and manage expenses. Start by downloading a budget spreadsheet and modifying it into a biweekly schedule planner. You may want to create your own biweekly budget using an Excel spreadsheet program or a blank planner template. Fill in the categories and amounts accordingly to help put your budget in perspective.

List all of your income and bill due dates. If you are a dual-income household, you can divide your incomes into biweekly amounts or record the amounts on the exact pay dates.

Use the rows down the left side of your spreadsheet to enter your income and expenses, and the top to enter your biweekly budget amounts.

Divide your income and expense planner into categories. Start with a biweekly income schedule at the top of your spreadsheet and then budget your expenses according to priority.

Divide your spreadsheet into two sets of column headings according to your biweekly schedule. Label the two columns "Proposed Budget Amount" and "Actual Budget Amount" for both planner periods at the top of your template.

Record your total income amount for each biweekly planner period, including salary, bonuses, commissions and other business or investment income.

Divide your expenses on your template, starting with fixed payments, by entering them under the appropriate biweekly column. Since these expenses are fixed, these amounts can be entered under both the "Proposed" and "Actual Budget" columns of your planner.

Fill in the remaining halves of you biweekly planner template with all other expense estimates under each "Proposed" spreadsheet column most appropriate to meet your budget schedule.

Fill in all of your spreadsheet columns, total your expenses for the two-week period, and subtract from your income earned to get a balance for each budget column on your planner template.


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