Cover Girl Scholarships

by Maureen Katemopoulos ; Updated July 27, 2017
Beauty contests are lucrative sources of scholarships and other prizes.

Various contests that offer scholarship prizes include a cover girl theme. Some contests highlight this theme by incorporating it in a broader contest title or by using it as the competition title. In other cases, the cover girl theme is a separate component of the competition. Other contests make no specific mention of the theme, but instead showcase magazine covers featuring past winners, clearly illustrating their potential as cover girls.

Title Bearer

As at 2011, “Seventeen” magazine’s Pretty Amazing Real-Girl Cover Contest offered the winner a magazine cover plus a $10,000 scholarship. The contest calls for a 1,000-character essay to show why the entrant is “pretty amazing,” accompanied by two photos taken during the last six months. The form of the essay is open. Correct spelling and grammar are stipulated requirements. The contest is for female legal U.S. residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada excluding Quebec. Entrants must be between 15 and 22 years old, and minors require parents’ or guardians’ permission to enter. Finalists each receive a trip for two to New York City, including round-trip coach air transportation, a four-night hotel stay, luncheon and participation in a photo shoot.

By Name

Taymark, Inc., sponsors the Cover Girl Contest for high school sophomores, juniors or seniors who are U.S. residents.. Entrants write an essay on a specified subject and also submit a recommendation letter from a teacher and three photos, preferably in the categories of formal wear, casual wear and uniform. In 2010, the winner received a $200 cash prize and a $500 Anderson’s School Events merchandise certificate for her school. She and a parent received transportation to Minneapolis/St. Paul and accommodation to participate in an all-day photo shoot. The photos appeared in the School Events catalog.

As a Component

The annual Cinderella International Scholarship Pageant finals include a Cinderella Cover Girl contest. This contest is for entrants who purchase additional advertising in the souvenir program book and whose photos appear there. Selection of a cover girl winner reflects photogenic beauty and personality. As at 2011, the entrant who sold the most additional advertising received a $500 cash community support award. Prizes awarded to overall pageant winners included a $2,000 educational savings bond, a $4,000 college scholarship, an educational trip and a Cinderella diamond pendant.

Implicit Role

The USA National Miss Scholarship Organization celebrates individuality by giving contestants the opportunity for a custom designed pageant experience. The competition structure enables each contestant to focus on her area of strength, including fashion and modeling. All contestants compete in evening gown, interview and a red carpet fashion show whereby they can show their cover girl potential. The pageant awards optional titles, including USA National Role Model and USA National Supermodel. The top winners of the 2010 pageant were the cover girls for “Supermodels” magazine and the pageant’s own “USA National Miss” official magazine. As at 2011, the pageant’s prize package included a $5,000 scholarship.

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