How to Get a Co-signer Released From a Sallie Mae Student Loan

Many private student loan companies, including Sallie Mae, require students to have co-signers to obtain loans. This is because students do not have the credit history to support the risk the lender would take in issuing the loan. To solve this, the co-signer agrees to repay the loan if the student fails to pay. A co-signer release removes the student loan from the co-signer's credit report and removes all liability the co-signer had for the loan. Sallie Mae has provisions to allow the co-signer to be released from the obligation as soon as one year after the borrower begins repayment.

Finish your schooling and establish your repayment plan with Sallie Mae. The repayment term will vary depending on the amount you borrowed and how long you would like to have to repay it.

Make the agreed principal and interest payments on-time every month for 12 months in a row on a Smart Option Sallie Mae student loan. If you have another type of Sallie Mae private student loan, you must make 24 consecutive on-time payments of principal and interest.

Pay all of your other credit-related bills on time, including credit card payments, auto loan payments and other student loan payments. Sallie Mae will check your credit report and require that you meet their lending guidelines before releasing your co-signer.

Log into your Sallie Mae online account management or call (888) 272-5543 to request a co-signer release form after you have made the correct number of consecutive on-time payments.

Fill out the co-signer release form and return it to Sallie Mae.

Continue making on-time payments while Sallie Mae processes your application for co-signer release. If you miss a payment during the processing time, your application will be denied.