How to Get a Copy of Your W-2 From 2002

How to Get a Copy of Your W-2 From 2002
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The W-2 form sent by your employer states your annual wages and all taxes withheld from your paycheck that year. You may get multiple W-2 forms if you worked for more than one employer. W-2 forms should be kept for at least seven years in case any tax issues arise. Getting a replacement W-2 isn't complicated.

How To Request A 2002 W-2 Form

Request a transcript of your W-2 from 2002. The W-2 transcript is free and can be obtained by completing a 4506-T form and sending it to the IRS. Transcripts of W-2 forms are only offered for ten years from the filing date. This is the best option for most people as it is free and contains all the W-2 information.

Other methods of obtaining a W-2 involve getting an actual copy of the W-2, not a transcript. Most people will have to pay a fee of $57.00 per W-2 requested (as of 2011) and file a 4506 form with the IRS. This form orders a copy of the entire tax return from the indicated year, including the W-2. The only way that a copy of the W-2 can be obtained at no cost is if you need the information to solve a Social Security Administration issue. In that case, the SSA will provide your lawyer or you with a microprint copy of the W-2.

Act quickly if you need a copy of your 2002 W-2. Request a copy or transcript prior to the 2012 year; otherwise it may no longer be available.