How to Get a Copy of Your CNA Certificate

CNAs are important members of the health care industry. They assist patients with activities of daily living under the supervision of a registered nurse. A CNA certificate is given out by the state registry of the state the CNA wants to work in. A CNA must have academic achievement and a statuary level of experience in the workplace. If you are a CNA and find yourself needing a copy of your original CNA certificate, it is easy to get by finding the right agency and contacting them.

Get a Copy of Your CNA Certificate

Locate the physical address and telephone number for the state CNA registry of the state that you are registered in. This information can be found by clicking the "Contact" link below.

Check your state's registry website before going any further. Some states (i.e. Nebraska) allow you to verify your certification online, assuming verification is all that you need. Your state's registry website can also be found by clicking the "Contact" link below.

Visit the registry office if it is within driving distance. This is only necessary if unable to get verification online. If the office is not within driving distance, call the registry's main phone number (also found in "Contacts" link). Most of the numbers will take you to an automated system. Make sure to have your registry information, such as certification number, handy. If you do not have your certification number, your social security number should suffice. Follow all of the prompts until you are given the option to get a copy or proof of your CNA certificate. The prompts will vary from state to state.

Make sure to have a credit card handy. Fees will vary from state to state, but there will usually always be a fee associated with getting a copy of your certificate.

Enter all of the information that the prompts request once you are given the option to receive a copy of your certification. Listen to all information that the prompts give you. The prompt will let you know when to expect your copy to come in the mail, which once again varies from state to state. Your copy, however, shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to arrive. If you need a copy by a certain date, make sure to plan accordingly with this time frame.


  • Do not worry about having identity information stolen. If you contacted the correct phone number (given in the "Contacts" link), then you are only verifying your information with a government agency.


  • Make sure to only contact the state registry of the state where you received your certificate. Other states will not have your information.