Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover Damage From Road Debris?

Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover Damage From Road Debris?
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Road debris on a roadway such as foreign objects, rocks and tree branches on often causes damage when your car strikes or runs over it and can take a wallop out of your wallet, too. Generally, though, the expense will be lessened if you have comprehensive coverage in your auto policy.

Covering the Unexpected

Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle caused by something other than an accident. This includes such things as theft, vandalism, natural disaster, fire, hitting an animal, and in many cases, road debris. However, not all policies are the same and the types of damage covered can vary between insurance companies. Nonetheless, insurance carriers routinely cover damages caused by falling objects, such as tree branches and other debris.

Filing Claims

Although a comprehensive policy may include debris within the damages covered, it may be difficult to receive payment on a submitted claim. An insurance carrier may dispute the claim under the guise of not being able to identify who is at fault, according to Insurance Swami. This is particularly difficult with road debris since objects can remain on a roadway hours or days after falling from a vehicle, nearby trees or mountainous area. Therefore, it's always best to shop around when choosing a policy and ask about the claim process and requirements for unique claims such as those involving road debris.