Do Community Colleges Give Scholarships for Sports?

by Neil Kokemuller
Many community colleges award athletic-based scholarships.

Not all community colleges have sports programs, but those that do can offer sports scholarships. If a community college does offer athletic scholarships, it must abide by National Junior College Athletic Association and state-based regulations regarding the number and amount of such scholarships. In general, athletic scholarships can't exceed the costs of tuition, fees and books.

More Scholarship Information

Community colleges that offer athletic scholarships normally must make a concerted effort to ensure gender equity and grant a similar amount of funding for women's athletics as it does for men's sports. Community colleges often consider financial need in grant both academic and athletic scholarships. To be eligible for a community college athletic scholarship, you must have a high school diploma or an equivalent credential. Alternatively, you can earn a 1.75 or higher GPA in a college semester where you take and pass at least 12 credits.

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