How to Find College Scholarships - 6 Easy Ways

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You have nothing to lose by applying for college scholarships. Every year some scholarship money goes unclaimed due to a lack of qualified applicants. Other scholarships that aren't heavily promoted. The average student may never know they exist. You can try multiple avenue to find scholarship money.

Start early. Track down as many scholarship possibilities as you can during your junior year. If you have a major in mind, check any businesses related to it for scholarship options. Some offer scholarships as an incentive for students to pursue that business field.

Discuss your scholarship needs with your guidance counselor early in your senior year. The counselor should have access to private scholarships as well as any available from nearby universities.

Most libraries carry college scholarship guides. Even a guide from the previous year can give you an idea of the available options.

Most scholarship applications have to be submitted by May 1st of the calendar school year. Do a general search on the Internet of Scholarships postmarked by May 1st. This search should turn up general scholarship offers. You can also search by school, state or major.

Check As of 2011, the website claimed it was the most complete source of local, national, and college-specific scholarships on the net. It also has direct links to the scholarship sites. Fastweb lists scholarships by the closing date, and sends email updates when new scholarships become available.

Check releases from clubs, groups and churches. Social groups such as the Elks, 4-H, Lions Club, Kiwanis offer scholarships, as do some professional affiliations and heritage groups. For example, if your parents were involved in the military, you may get scholarships just for children of veterans.



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