How to collect on an NSF check in Michigan

by braniac ; Updated July 27, 2017

Items you will need

  • Paper
  • printer
  • envelopes
  • stamps

Businesses and people receive checks everyday, and some of them get returned and the people wont call back and you need your money. Follow the following steps to get your money back. If you have an NSF check in a different state, email me and I will get you the laws and how to collect on it.

Step 1

Once you have received an nsf or account closed check, there are steps you can take if the person is not paying the check, refusing to pay the check, or simply not responding. First call the person that wrote you the payment. If that doesn't work, get on the computer

Step 2

Write a letter that states that Your check # has been returned due to (what the reason is) State that they have 30 days to pay this balance with either a cashiers check or money order. Along with the $35.00 fee.

Step 3

At the bottom of the letter state that Michigan State Check Law states that Bad checks can amount to alot of money. Michigan State Check Law states that checks that are returned and not taken care of can be taken to court and the amount of the check due will be 3 times that amount of the check, along with the Nsf fee and also court costs.

Step 4

If you still do not receive payment by the 30th day, you can either send to a collection agency, however it is cheaper and quicker to file it yourself in court and collect your money, which again is 3 times the amount of the check and court costs.


  • If you are in a different state, you will need to check your state laws, otherwise email me and i will be happy to find the information for you.


  • Be careful on your collections tactics, do not harass, swear or leave to detailed messages on a voicemail. This could come back to get you if they decide to sue you for the Consumer Collections Act