How to Collect Life Insurance If Suicide Is Committed

Dealing with suicide is difficult enough on the immediate family without having to worry about faulty life insurance policies. In all likelihood, fighting for life insurance is probably the last thing on your mind if a loved one takes his own life, but don't let the life insurance companies take advantage of your weak state. While most life insurance polices have a suicide clause, a few practical arguments can provide the necessary backup for winning your claim.

Review your policy. Look for the suicide clause. Specifically you are looking for limitations and considerations given to suicide cases. Most suicide clauses state that a person has be under the policy for at least a year to receive insurance.

Request a refund of premium if suicide occurred before one year.


Prepare a claim for mental illness. The idea is that people waiting to commit suicide are not going to wait for one to two years so the beneficiary can collect on the payment


Understand your rights. As the insured, the burden of proof is on the insurer, not you, to prove it was a suicide.