How to Find Clothing Donation Centers

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Christmastime and the end of each season are when many Americans clean out their closets, fill up their cars and drop off some of their used clothing to a charity. Many organizations accept clothing donations. Secondhand clothing fuels an annual billion dollar, globe-spanning industry.

Deposit your clothing at the door or in the drop-off boxes at the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an international organization, making it easy to find locations anywhere.

Drop off your secondhand clothing at an America's Thrift Store. Visit their website (see Resources) to locate a thrift store near you. This is a for-profit organization recycling millions of pounds of clothes that would normally go to landfills.

Donate your used clothing to the Goodwill. Visit Goodwill Industries International, Inc (see Resources) and use the locater to find a drop near you.

Leave your secondhand clothing at your church or parish hall. Most churches have a drop box or a specific location inside the building where you can leave used clothing items year-round. Special occasions or certain seasons of the year the collection may be more specific for such items as warm winter coats, blankets, boots and gloves or used prom dresses.

Keep in mind that there are a number of other options for donating clothing. Many organizations have directions for scheduling the pickup of clothing on their websites.

Ask for a receipt with an official stamp or on company letterhead when donating used clothing. All second hand clothing donations to non-profit organizations are tax deductible.

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