How to Claim Lawn Service on Taxes

How to Claim Lawn Service on Taxes
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Business owners often rely heavily on the deductions that they can take for their expenses in order to make a profit. Lawn care is essential to maintaining a professional appearance for businesses, and this can be a major expense in some cases. Reporting this deduction on your return is a fairly simple process.

Total all of the receipts or bills sent to you by your lawn care service during the year. You will need a single total to include on your tax return.

Deduct the costs of any lawn supplies you paid for, such as fertilizer, sod, dirt, bricks and other landscaping or maintenance items.

Add your total lawn care expenses in with all other professional services to get a single total. You cannot break these down anywhere on the Schedule C.

Report the total of your lawn care bills on line 17 of Schedule C. This line is used to report deductions for legal and professional expenses.

Make a copy of all of your receipts and either store them with your copy of your return or give them to your tax preparer. You will have to show these to the IRS to keep this deduction if you are ever audited.