How to Choose a Realtor to Buy a House

Are you trying to buy a house? If so, you’ll need help from professional realtors. Follow these steps to choose a realtor to buy a house.

How to Choose a Realtor to Buy a House

Determine where you want to live. If you narrow your choice to one or two towns, you can identify which realtors specialize in those locations. Based on commuting distance from work, house prices and school systems, you should narrow your search area.

Do some initial research. You can review the current market prices online at websites like When you see a property you’re interested in, make a note of it along with the seller’s agent’s information. You can email the listing to yourself or bookmark the page to keep all the details.

Do offline research on the current market. Read the newspaper classifieds section for open houses and property listings. Attend open houses to better understand the market and also to meet realtors.

Make a list of potential realtors. You can include realtors you know as well from family and friends as well as realtors you’ve met through your research, open houses, or advertising.

Contact the best two or three real estate agents on your list. In your initial contacts with potential realtors, you may find that some realtors appeared more professional and responsive than others. Schedule an appointment with each of them on different days or times. Contact the real estate agent about any houses you identified in Steps 2 and 3 that you were interested in viewing.

Confirm the properties to visit before your appointment. This will avoid overlap of viewing the same houses with other realtors. Go to view properties with each real estate agent.

Assess each realtor based on her professionalism, ability to help you, and fit with your personality. By visiting houses with several realtors, you can compare them and find the realtor that is best suited to help you find your dream house.


  • Multiple realtors will give you the chance to see more properties and pick the realtor whom you eventually want to work with. Evaluate several realtors by phone or in person at open houses to find a good realtor that you’re comfortable with. The realtor should be listening to your needs and showing you appropriate houses instead of wasting your time with properties that don’t fit your stated requirements.


  • Remember that real estate agents do not represent the buyer—his commission comes from the seller. Never sign an agreement with any realtor when you start looking for a house. You don’t need to limit yourself to a single “Buyers Agent” contractually.