How to Check on Your Iowa State Income Tax Refund Status

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For many people, the only enjoyment in filing income tax returns is qualifying for an income tax refund. However, you don't get your cash back the instant you file your return. While you're waiting, you can check on the status of your refund through the Iowa Department of Revenue's website. If you're hoping for a faster refund, the Iowa Department of Revenue states that filing electronically means you could receive your refund in a matter of days, rather than a matter of weeks if you file a paper return.

Refund Check Information

To check your Iowa refund, the Iowa Department of Revenue requires you to enter your Social Security number, the tax year you're checking and the amount of your refund into its online form. When entering the amount of your refund, round to the closest dollar, rather than entering dollars and cents. For example, instead of "$433.59," enter "$434." You can also check on your refund by calling 515-281-4966 or 800-572-3944 (in Iowa only), then following the automated prompts. If you use a rotary phone, call 515-281-3114 and ask for a tax specialist to help you with your request.