How to Check on House Foreclosures

Buying a foreclosed property can be an opportunity to purchase a home below market value. If you find a variety of homes to choose from, you will need to properly research them before making a decision. In addition to locating the properties, it's important to check for a clear title to the house so that you won't run into costly issues later on. Also, you need to know if the foreclosure sale dates have been postponed or delayed. In some cases, the sale can be canceled. Verify information by checking on the status of the foreclosure.

Read the classified section of your local newspaper. Typically, the lender is required to place an ad to notify the public when a home is going to be sold in an auction. Depending on your state, the final ad will include specific information, such as the foreclosure date and location.

Contact your County Circuit Court for foreclosure information. Some court websites provide a list of all foreclosures in the county. In most cases, you will need the owner's full name to research the foreclosure. You will be able to obtain information on the balance owed on the property, status of the foreclosure and sale date.

View the property. You can either schedule a viewing by contacting a real estate agent or attending an open house. Foreclosed homes usually have a viewing period before the auction. You can hire an inspector or contractor to examine the home before deciding if it is worth the investment.

Search for title liens. You can search property liens yourself through the local courthouse or property tax assessor's office. You will need the address or the owner's name. Consider hiring a title company to search for liens. If the company finds a clear title, then a title insurance policy can be issued. The policy will protect against liens from the past that may surface down the road.