Cheapest Way to Keep Your Home Phone Number

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Staying with your current phone company to keep your phone number, can be costly and downright upsetting, especially if you are unhappy with your service. Sometimes switching the service may be tricky as well. However, there are several ways you can keep your number and keep the cost down.

Switch Providers

Check competing phone companies online or in the yellow pages for cheaper monthly deals. Also, check to see if these phone companies cover your area.

Call the new company, and start service. You will need your current phone number, full address, name and the type of service you want. Request that you keep your old phone number. You will be able to do this, even if it’s not from the same provider.

Call your current phone provider to disconnect service. In some cases, the new phone provider will disconnect the old service for you, and if it does, you can still call your old provider to make sure that the service has been disconnected. It will take a few days for your service to be terminated; in this time, you will have two service providers, although you’re only using phone service from one.

Keep Your Current Provider

Call your phone service provider, or go online to check the prices of other plans.

Notify your provider that you want to downgrade your service. In certain cases, you may be under contract and will have to break this contract to switch over to another package. When you are switching over to a new package, you can request to keep your current phone number.

Switch to online billing. Some phone companies offer a discount for receiving your bill by email instead of receiving a paper bill by mail. You may also choose the direct debit option for payment. Many companies offer discounts for paying by direct debit.