Cheap Ideas for Small Bathroom Makeovers

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Nearly everyone spends time in the bathroom before leaving the house. Your bathroom should be a space that you enjoy being in, no matter how small. If you find your bathroom cramped or cluttered, you can make a few small changes that will quickly transform it without ruining your budget.

Add Color Creatively

A new coat of paint is one of the most basic and inexpensive ways you can change the appearance of your bathroom, no matter what the size. Painting your bathroom is something you can do even if you have no experience, and light colors give the impression of more space. However, don't stop there. Once your top coat of paint has dried, add decorative stencils to liven up the room. For example, add stencils of cheerful objects that you'll like seeing, such as sailboats, sunflowers, bows, seashells or country hearts.

Cabinet Hardware

If your bathroom cabinets are old and tired looking and you can't afford new ones, there's still a cheap and easy way to freshen them up. Purchase new cabinet handles and drawer pulls. Nowadays there is a wealth of strikingly decorative cabinet hardware that will take attention away from the outdated cupboards and drawers and act as a distinctive finishing touch for the entire bathroom. Consider selecting cabinet hardware that matches the color of the paint on your walls as it will help bring the room together.

Shower Curtain and Rug

The shower curtain and rug in your bathroom are two articles that can quickly take a beating from frequent use. The shower curtain can turn moldy and cloudy and the bath mat rug can lose its bright color and fluffiness. Purchasing a new, crisp shower curtain and a new, soft rug are easy ways to freshen up your bathroom immediately. Select curtain and mat colors that either match your walls or that contrast in a harmonious way.