Charities to Help Pay Rent in Arizona

Charities to Help Pay Rent in Arizona
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No one wants to worry about money, but everyone has trouble paying their bills from time to time. It can be especially embarrassing if you can't pay your rent. Thankfully, there are several charities in Arizona that can help you get through a financial rough patch.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic charity, provides temporary rental assistance to families in Arizona get back on their feet. This charity helps families that need a one-time payment become self-reliant again. The Family Eviction Prevention program carefully assesses beneficiaries before committing to help them. The St. Vincent de Paul website provides information about local conferences of the charity and you can check whether they help families in your area.

Primavera Foundation

The Primavera Foundation provides assistance to some families facing eviction. In order to be eligible for assistance, you must have children, you must have faced some unusual financial hardship, you must not have received assistance in the last 12 months, and you must be able to pay the next month's rent. Primavera will also offer information and resources to help you become financially self-sufficient. The Tucson foundation states that it serves more than 5,000 families and individuals each year. It focuses its services on Southern Arizona.

City of Phoenix Salvation Army

The Salvation Army's Phoenix chapter operates an emergency assistance program that helps families who have experienced an immediate financial crisis. The charity will pay certain bills, including 30 days of rent. In addition to assisting with rent, the Salvation Army will provide struggling families with food boxes and other forms of assistance. This charity will not provide long-term assistance, but instead helps families get back on their feet in a month or less. The Tucson branch also has a rent and mortgage assistance program.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities offer emergency services to families that have suffered an immediate financial hardship. In addition to rent, the charity will provide short-term loans, job search assistance, help with utility bills, and transportation. Like other charities providing rental assistance, Catholic Charities aims to offer short-term assistance in an effort to get families back on their feet.