How to Change the Combination on a Royal Electronic Safe

How to Change the Combination on a Royal Electronic Safe
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Safes, also known as strongboxes or coffers, have long been the preferred method of protecting goods and money from theft or damage due to the virtually zero percent chance of guessing a combination. However, safes today, relying on digital memory and exquisitely sensitive systems, bear little resemblance to their pioneering counterparts. The Royal Safe Company cautiously places the combination reset mechanism inside the safe to keep bypassing to a minimum.

Enter the current combination number into your lock, press the pound key (#) and open the latch of the safe.

Locate the red button on the interior of the safe, most likely on the door.


Press the red button, which causes the keypad to beep thrice, indicating that the keypad is ready to receive a new combination.


Type your new combination into the keypad and press the pound key. It should contain the same number of digits. The keypad will beep three times again to indicate that it has set the combination.



  • Press the red button inside the safe a second time and re-enter your intended combination if you make a mistake on your initial attempt.