How to Cancel FASFA

by Kahlea Pendleton
FAFSA educates students and families on the process of receiving financial aid.

FAFSA is an electronically free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who are interested in financial aid for college need certain documentation to be approved for financial aid. However, if after submitting a FAFSA application and enrolling in the school of your choice, you later decide that you do not want to attend the college that you have chosen, you can cancel your FAFSA application. All you need is the right source to cancel.

Call the school that you have selected on your FAFSA application.

Ask the call operator to direct your call to the "Financial Aid" office.

Ask to speak with a "Financial Aid Officer" at the school listed on your FAFSA application. Tell the officer that you would like to cancel your financial aid.

Cancel all classes that you have enrolled in at the "Admissions Office."


  • Live Customer Service; FAFSA on the Web - Live Help

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