How to Cancel a Credit Card Online

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Credit cards are accounts that you open with a credit company. The company issues you credit, depending on your history and credit score, which you can use to buy things. Credit card companies charge interest on purchases. You can pay your credit cards online, and you can cancel them online as well.

Find the credit card company’s website. Usually, this is the credit company’s name, such as or Your statement might also have a specific website for the company.

Go to the credit card company’s website. Log on to your personal account through the “login” link on the site. Even if you have a credit card with the company, you do not have an online account with them unless you have created one, so you might need to choose “create account” first.

Choose “My Account” or “Account” or “User”, or any other option that will take you to your personal account. If you have more than one credit card with the particular company, the cards will be listed separately within the same account, so you will need to choose the particular card that you would like to cancel.

Check the balance of your account. You cannot cancel an account unless you have paid off the balance.

Pay off the balance if necessary. You can do this online with another credit card or account information for your bank to use an electronic check.

Look for an option that states “Cancel account.” Credit card companies often hide these options because they would like to retain your business. The option might be listed under account options, preferences, Options, or My Account, depending on the particular credit card company and the website.

Choose “Cancel Account.” Some sites will cancel an account at that moment. Others might need you to also send an account cancel request in the mail or talk to them on the phone to certify that the account should be canceled.


  • If you want to cancel a card that is not paid off, you can close the account to further purchases. This is easiest to do over the phone, so call your credit card company. Even though the account will be closed and no further purchases can be made, you are still responsible for the balance.