How Can I Look at My Last Year's Income Tax Information?

How Can I Look at My Last Year's Income Tax Information?
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Your prior year tax information is required for significant financial matters, like applying for a mortgage or student loan, and in legal matters, such as child support determination. The tax information serves as proof of your income, identity and, in some cases, liabilities. While state procedures differ on tax return retrieval, the IRS keeps your federal returns on file for seven years and will give you a copy of the information upon request.

Go to the tax service's website if you used an online tax service to file. Log into your account. Look for the link or web page button to retrieve your prior return. A fee may apply to view the return.

Visit the official website or office of your tax preparer if you used a tax preparation service last year. Request a copy of your prior year return; note the fee, if any.

Visit the official website of the IRS. Download and print Form 4506T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return, and the attached instruction page. A transcript is a free document from the IRS containing all of the line information from your prior year return. Fill out the form and select A, "Return Transcript," for Item 6. Sign and date the request.

Mail Form 4506T to the address shown for your state of residence when you filed the return. Check the instruction page you printed for a list of address. The IRS will mail your transcript to the address you listed at the top of the form.

Visit the official website of your state tax return department if you need state information. Check the website for instructions and forms for retrieving prior returns, as the procedure differs by state.