Can Colleges Offer Football Scholarships After Signing Day?

by Neil Kokemuller
Most college football scholarships are secured on national signing day.

Colleges can offer football scholarships after national signing day, though it's not common. College football signing day takes place on February 10th each year, at the time of publication. On this day, high school players and community college transfers seal verbal commitments to a college program and coach by signing a letter of intent. This letter binds the student to the school, which makes it more difficult for the student to transfer and play at another school immediately.

Post-Signing Day Scholarships

In most cases, college coaches aim to secure verbal commitments from players as soon in the recruiting process as possible. Ideally, they want all scholarships confirmed well ahead of signing. This goal is in line with annual NCAA limits on scholarships that schools can award. However, schools sometimes lose players at the last minute unexpectedly and have one or more available scholarships after signing day. The coach may reach out to another available recruit that isn't signed at that point.

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